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August 25th 2013

Yesterday we had the best time selling plants at the N.B.H.S Petaluma Reptile Expo. It was so wonderful to see so many people walking around the Expo with our plants. Rhiannon’s kids table was a hit! The children loved the fact that there was a petting zoo where they could touch and see the different ways the plants catch bugs. Almost every child at the expo walk out with their very our plastic pet or real Venus Fly Trap. This year we also added ferns and succulents to our sales table, and they turned out to be a good investment. Several reptile enthusiasts told us of other types of plants they are looking for to put with their critters. Our organic growing methods are a plus be for people that want to keep plants in terrariums. We are going to explore the idea of doing some of the larger Retile Expos that are held in Northern California.

January 2013
Happy New Year!! This year will be our first having our own Web Store. Starting 1/11/13 you will be able to buy retail plants directly from us. To start we will be offering dormant Sarracenia, we have a variety of common hybrids and some species. We also have unknown bare-root Sarracenia 5 rhizomes for $7.95. Starting in April when the temperatures across the country warm up we will start selling our tropical plants. You'll be able to find Pinguicula, Nepenthes and Drosera, plus some new non-carnivorous plants that are still pretty odd.

Autumn 2012
Hope this fall finds everyone reaping in a good harvest. Mark has put most of his energy this year into another venture, so we’ve had to find easier more efficient ways of doing business. We will be leaving eBay before the end of this year. On January 11th 2013 will be our grand Web store opening. The new site will have our great low prices for our home collector and horticulturist. We will also continue to supply competitive wholesale prices for our retail customers.


Web order Bare-Root plants Here. See Retail Locations to find potted plants near you Here.

Local Deliveries: Our local Northern California areas we currently deliver are Marin County, the East Bay and San Francisco. We do deliveries about every 3 weeks during April thru October and every 6 to 8 weeks from November thru March. We deliver potted plants ready for sale. Whole-sale Mail Order: We sell to mostly small nurseries throughout the United States, sorry no exporting at this time. We ship only bare-root and recommend that you plant them up at least three to six months prior to selling. Exclusive propagation is available to other online seller available. Access to the wholesale plant availability list is restricted to only businesses and educators that have a resale number or other proof of business or school affiliation. Contact for current availability and prices.